You are not forgotten

Inspired by this talk.

I once had the privilege of meeting an older woman who had moved away from her family. She knew no one in the area and she could have easily slipped through the cracks. When I knocked on her door, I too was in a new place far away from extended family and without any friends.

She was a very gentle person who had spent her life in the service of others. She loved easily and fiercely. In my first visit with her, I told her, “You are not forgotten. The Lord knows who you are and where you are. He loves you.” I knew He had not forgotten her because I was there to speak with her and share His word.

The Lord never forgets, no matter how far we move and how lonely we feel. The Lord remembered both of us. He sent me to her so that we could both have a friend in a lonely place.


With the Lord, we can do all things

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. (Phillipians 4:13)

I am weak sometimes. I feel weak and incompetent, actually. Bad at everything. There are so many voices that tell me I am worthless and I can’t do it all. I can’t do any of it! I just mess up all the time.

But I need to silence those voices. Because I am not in this alone. I am not supposed to do this alone. I don’t have enough strength and I am weak–but Jesus Christ is there to help me. It is His strength I need, not my own strength.

When I am feeling like I can’t do anything because I am too clumsy, not skilled enough, not strong enough–I need to remember that I am not alone, and that with the Lord, I can do anything.