this is how he sees himself, and how he wishes others would see him

hunting is not a waste of time, but a life, a place where he can be

powerful and fierce and ready to take on the world.

this is where he feels at home with himself

because there are no expectations and responsibilities

only the chase to the kill

(photo by Dillon)


look at you in your dorm room
emptiness gradually turning into piles of you
since when did you have orange sheets?
since when did you grow-up,
old enough to say goodbye to Mom?
are you playing the guitar to make things familiar?

don’t worry. you’ll get used to it.

(Photo credit: Clarissa Walker)



She is a few days old and her eyes don’t want to open.

Tired, the light is too bright, they stay closed.

But her mouth: tiny and used to sucking,

It opens up to the sky in such a big yawn for such a small thing.


I want to capture her

in a moment of stillness,

her life written on her face.

She is staring out into her front yard

through glass doors

the light spilling onto her skin.

I learn from her,

work with her,

talk with her,

and I wish I could return

again and again and again,

trying to learn her



there are debates over whether he has red hair or not

and debates over who gets to hold him, but only for about five minutes, or after he starts to cry.

he doesn’t care much about what is going on around him

just in wonder of the world.


I’m glad you are

smiling, and that our lives are going in the same direction as we

walk forward, hand in hand, talking slowly about things that were and things that are to come,

contemplating a future and realizing that the greatest

happiness can be found in the moment, because we are living dreams.

I’m glad you look at me and

listen as my words leave me. I’m glad you

speak the things of your heart.

Walk forward,


with me.


Here is your new head shot.

Plaster it on Facebook.

You look older–why?

Somehow you are no longer

on the edge of teenager,

but growing firmly into

a young woman.


the youthful glow is still there,

but the child is gone.