Be Calm & Love

The other day, I felt that I had run out of patience. It happens sometimes when you are the mother of young children. They seemed to be constantly doing what I didn’t want them to. The forbidden objects and places are much more enticing than toys.

I knew I needed to pull myself together better. I don’t mean to raise my voice or get angry. I want to be patient and loving. It just gets hard.

That night I tried to think of a phrase I could repeat to myself. A phrase that would help me remember that I do love my children very much and I can be calm and patient with them. It needed to be short and easy. So I wrote:

Be calm & love.

The next day, it helped. When they wanted to climb onto the kitchen counter, I would think be calm & love. When they made a mess, I would think be calm & love. When my daughter was disobedient, be calm & love.

I want to act out of love for them, not out of frustration because they aren’t doing what I want. And since I wrote down that phrase, I have been much calmer and much more loving.

Is there a phrase (a mantra, a motto) that you like to repeat to yourself?


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