I am excited for life: as it unfolds there are continual surprises, twists and turns that provide me with a life that is better than I could have dreamed. I am excited for life: for there is a future, but more importantly, there is a present, a time when I can laugh, for I don’t know about tomorrow. But today: today is the day where the excitement is. Today is the day that I can see the world with new eyes and I can sign again and I can walk in the sun or sit in the cool corner and read and learn and grow. Today is the day when I can simply be excited, not because of anything special, but because I get to live. I get to live! I get to breathe each breath and choose: and it is exciting to make choices: most of all, to be able to choose what to do with the time I have right now. This is an exciting life: I am living and I am learning and I am loving, and I am here, today, smiling.


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